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Jul 31

Naphthenic Process Oil Supplier Expanding Access Amid Ongoing Supply Chain Disruptions

Global supply chains continue to face significant disruptions compared with the pre-pandemic world, and process oil suppliers are no exception.

Shortages of select specialty oils used in the production of synthetic rubbers, sealants, and adhesives continue to plague the market.

Process oil suppliers must rise to the challenge of filling these strategic gaps to maintain the momentum of these growing industries.

(One solution we discuss below: developing new products like our Renoil 500-X.)

Process Oil Suppliers and Post-Pandemic Supply Disruptions

Supply chains today are experiencing critical gaps in product availability due to a number of ongoing threats, such as:

  • Geopolitical tensions. As the war in Ukraine continues, cooperation between governments allied with opposing parties is increasingly tedious. End users and suppliers must practice “friend-shoring” (looking for new trade partners as a fallback) or risk losing access to critical raw materials.
  • Cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are compounding the problem of scarcity by hacking into supply chain networks to steal data, hold data for ransom, or cause other types of disruptions. Suppliers can mitigate this risk by tightening supply chains, partnering with trusted, secure vendors, and supplying original products directly to customers.
  • Rising costs. Select products are rising in price as transportation costs increase and supply chains fail to support sufficient market competition. It’s increasingly important for buyers of specialty oils and other raw materials to proactively seek out alternatives before becoming dependent on price-inflated products.

Over the last few years, Signal Fluid Solutions identified one such critical gap in raw material availability for certain hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, colored elastomer gaskets, and some resins and polymers.

Though many of today’s challenges to the global supply chain are out of our control, this was a problem we believed we could solve.

Color-Stable Naphthenic Process Oil Shortage

Our customers in the adhesives industry were concerned that only one major supplier carried a color-stable naphthenic process oil used in the production of these products.

Though we recommend and provide paraffinic process oils for a wide range of applications due to their high color stability, certain applications require higher solvency.

It takes a precise formulation of naphthenic oil to achieve this desired solvency without sacrificing color stability. This is what we set out to do.

And this is what we achieved in the development of Renoil 500-X. Following successful testing trials with customers, we now supply this new product in bulk.

About Renoil 500-X

In Renoil 500-X, adhesives makers now have a color-stable naphthenic process oil alternative on the market that offers:

  • Higher solvency than paraffinic process oils.
  • Light color with better stability than typical naphthenic process oils (<1.0 ASTM Color).
  • Preferred 500 SUS viscosity and low volatility

To review all specifications, check out our previous article on Renoil 500-X here.

We’re not stopping there. Our team is also working on an even lighter color (<0.5 ASTM Color) naphthenic process oil which can meet technical grade white mineral oil with Saybolt color 20+.

Signal Fluid Solutions: Process Oil Supplier for TPE/Rubber, Adhesive, and Sealant Makers

Not every process oil supplier has the research and development capabilities to develop new products that meet niche needs and reduce their reliance on a turbulent global supply chain.

We’ve been able to do this because of the way we’ve built our business. Signal Fluid Solutions is more than a specialty oil supplier. We’re consultants and problem solvers working to make the industries we serve stronger.

Product Development

Our roots are in providing quality process oils to the rubber and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) industry. Whenever the industry has presented niche needs, we’ve always risen to the challenge to develop best-in-class Renoil brand products to meet those needs.


More than order takers, our teams work with customers with a truly consultative approach. We offer our four decades of experience to help you select the best, most cost-effective specialty oil products for your specific application.

Supply Security

We have dependable access to base oils through our global partners Shell and Chevron. We’ve also invested in deep inventories in facilities across North America and Europe so products are always at the ready for our customers.

In short, Signal Fluid Solutions is the process oil supplier to partner with to ensure your supply security in trying times and for years to come. Schedule your consultation with us today!

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