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Transformer Oils

Transformer oil insulates, cools, and protects transformers, as well as, other electrical equipment. Contact us to extend the life of your equipment today with the electrical insulating oils that we offer.

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    CARGILL Envirotemp FR-3 and E360

    Natural ways to optimize performance, efficiency, and safety


    FR3 Fluid

    Renewable, Natural ester dielectric fluid uniquely formulated to optimize transformer performance – increase loads / extend transformer life/ improved Fire safety

    Call (951) 784-3900 for additional FR3 information and specifications

    E360 Fluid

    Synthetic Ester fluid ideally suited for use in free-breathing transformers offering long-term stability even when exposed to extreme temperature variations.

    Call (951) 784-3900 for additional E200 information and specifications

    Inhibited and highly refined mineral oils, rigorously analyzed meeting CSA-C50 Class B Type II / ASTM D 3487 Type II and Doble Tops – Specially developed for use in oil-filled transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers and rectifiers.

    Standard and Premium grades available. 

    Passes and conforms to corrosion tests:

    • ASTM D1275 method B
    • IEC 62535
    • DN 51353

    Serving North America with Key and Strategically placed terminals and logistic teams to support your immediate requirements. Available in:

    • Railcar
    • Tanker Truck
    • Mini-bulk loads
    • Flexibags
    • Totes (330 and 275 gallons)
    • Drums
    • Other Package Styles available upon request

    Additional services offered:

    • RETRO FILL Mineral Transformers / FR3
    • Hotshot deliveries
    • Environmental Full Circle Program
    • Tanker Rental Projects

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