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Base Oils

SFS provides Naphthenic Base Oils and Paraffinic Base Oils that come in a wide range of viscosities for your specific application. Contact us for more information and for us to better serve you.

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    Base Oils Industries Served

    • 2-Cycle Engine Oils
    • After Market Automotive Oil Products
    • ASTM Reference Oils
    • ATF Fluids
    • Aviation Hydraulic Oils
    • Compressor Oils
    • Grease Manufacturing
    • Heat Transfer Oils
    • Heavy Duty Engine Oils
    • Hydraulic Oils
    • Industrial Lubricating Oils
    • Metal Working Fluids
    • Mil Spec Fog Oils
    • Mil Spec Lubricating Oils
    • Paints & Coatings
    • Paper Process Defoamers
    • Passenger Car Motor Oils
    • Pigments
    • Pump Oil
    • Railroad Engine Oils
    • Rolling Oils
    • Surface Coating Lubricants
    • Turbine Oils
    • VI Improvers
    • Bar & Chain
    • Shock Base Oils
    • Glass Deflection Fluids

    Paraffinic Hydrocarbon

    Group II/II+ Paraffinic Base Oil

    Vis Range Offering

    PropertyASTM Methods60100150220600110
    API Base Oil CategoryAPI 1509 E. 1 .3GIIGIIGIIGIIGII+
    Appearance @ 22.2 C-25.5 CSM 360-99 BOBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and Clear
    Viscosity cSt @40CASTM D4459-11.518.7-20.8Report40-46100 (Min)Report
    Viscosity cSt @ 100CASTM D445ReportReport5.0-5.4Report11.7-12.94.15-4.55
    Viscosity SUS @ 100FASTM D21616410150212530113
    API Gravity, deg ASTM D405232.934.434.032.131.036
    Specific Gravity @ 60FASTM D40520.860.850.860.870.870.845
    Density Ib/gal @ 60FASTM D40527.
    Pour Point (C)ASTM D5950/1C-33-15-15#REF!-15-15
    Flash Point (C) COCASTM D92165206220230265220
    ColorASTM D1500L0.5L0.5L0.5L0.5L0.5L0.5

    Group III Paraffinic Base Oil

    Vis Range Offering

    PropertyASTM Methods2 cSt3 cSt4 cSt5 cSt6 cSt8 cSt
    AppearanceBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and ClearBright and Clear
    Viscosity cSt @40CASTM D4457.5012.0020263249
    Viscosity cSt @ 100CASTM D4452.
    Viscosity IndexASTM D2270-111122126128130
    Pour Point (C)ASTM 97/D5950-45-30-18-18-15-12
    Flash Point (C) COCASTM D92165190228240240261
    Noack @ 250 C %CEC L-40-A 93b-40.514.
    CCS @ -30 C mPasASTM D5293--1750270042009200

    Naphthenic Base Oil

    Vis Range Offering

    PropertyASTM Methods406010020004000
    Viscosity SUS @ 100FASTM D216140.860.21019534140
    Viscosity cSt @40CASTM D4454.39.623.0349.5723.0
    Viscosity cSt @ 100CASTM D4451.52.33.613.919.3
    API Gravity, deg D28729.728.026.018.315.7
    Specific Gravity @ 60FD12500.8780.8770.8980.9450.961
    Density Ib/gal @ 60FD12507.317.397.487.878.01
    Flash, COC, in F D92260280345440455
    Pour Point, in F D97<-60-50-303040
    Aniline Point, in F D611153165178163148
    Refractive Index at 20 CD12181.48211.48191.48831.52291.5332