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Aug 15

Paraffinic, Naphthenic, Aromatic: How Rubber Process Oil Suppliers Hit the “Sweet” Spot

Process oil suppliers traditionally place most products into one of three categories, but these traditional indicators of color stability don’t always tell the whole story. In general, these categories cover the spectrum of desired qualities for use in rubber, EPDM and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) manufacturing: Aromatic – dark, low color stability,... read more →
Aug 01
Jul 01

Is Your White Oil Optimal for Agricultural Product Production? 3 Applications to Test

White oil is an essential ingredient of most agricultural products, such as dust suppression products, pesticides, livestock health and other products. Quality white mineral oil makes all the difference in safety and optimal outcomes. Products with suboptimal or inappropriate oils can leave farmers, growers, grain elevator operators and others vulnerable... read more →
Jun 10

Entering a New Market? 5 Reasons to Consult Your Specialty Oil Supplier

If your company utilizes specialty oils in product formulations or in specialized product manufacturing, you’ve no doubt eyed opportunities to cross over into other industries. If you’re interested in entering a new market, read on. Whatever your industry: Rubbers and thermoplastics Food manufacturing Agricultural products Personal care products Pharmaceuticals Household... read more →
Feb 15